Our Trip to Nashville – Day 1


We did it!  Ben and I finally took our first trip to Nashville, Tennessee.  After hearing about it so much this past year, we decided it was time for us to see what’s it all about ourselves.  We only had 48 hours to enjoy the city and experience as much as we could and I think we did a great job.  Nashville became a place that we both really enjoyed visiting and I am looking forward to discovering more of Nashville in the future.

Nashville was about a 5 1/2 hour drive for us from our home in Illinois, so unfortunately a lot of our trip was just spent getting to and from Nashville.  But over all, the driving wasn’t that bad.  It was the perfect little getaway for us on our three day weekend over the 4th of July holiday.  We left Illinois around 8:30am Saturday morning and arrived in Nashville around 2:30pm.  We only stopped two times to fill up on gas, get beverages for the road and use the restroom.

When we arrived in Nashville, we were very hungry since we hadn’t eaten since we had left that morning.  Luckily, Mas Tacos Por Favor was on our way to our Airbnb that we had rented.  There was a long line out the door when we arrived, but we were able to go inside right away and be waited on since we discovered the bar entrance that wasn’t known to many other customers.  Some of the tacos that we wanted to try were sold out, so we ordered what we could off of the menu.  Everything was delicious and it makes sense why Mas Tacos is so highly recommended.


Mas Tacos Por Favor



Fresh lime margarita.



Fried avocado taco – my favorite.




Mexican tortilla soup – Ben’s favorite.

After lunch, we decided to explore downtown Nashville and the legendary Broadway Avenue.  One of the places that I wanted to visit was the Johnny Cash museum.  I have been a fan of Johnny Cash for a while and wanted to learn more about him and his life.  I enjoyed the museum more than I thought I would and learned a lot more about one of my favorite musicians (did you know Johnny Cash wanted to be a movie star too?  And he painted in his spare time?).




One of my favorite famous couples.




Johnny & June on their wedding day.



Dear Reba, Don’t you ever get my mail? Love, JR




Johnny Cash & Elvis Presley.



Johnny Cash’s family piano.







June, my love, my life, for life. Valentine’s Day 1998.



The Highwaymen: Waylon Jennings, Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash and Kris Kristofferson.


The chair from the Hurt music video that Johnny Cash sat in.

After checking out the Johnny Cash museum, we continued to explore the Broadway Avenue.  As a tip for Nashville newbies such as ourselves, there are parking garages near downtown that are only $15 for multiple hours.  Before we went to the Johnny Cash museum, there were parking spaces near that charged $6 per hour.  We made the mistake of parking there first for convenience and ended up using a parking garage later anyway since we decided to stay downtown.

The next place I wanted to check out was Pinewood Social.  It is not your typical restaurant atmosphere.  It has a coffee bar area as well as a full bar in the middle of the venue, there are comfortable couches and chairs available for seating, and they have a bowling alley inside and a bocce ball area outside.  It has a playful and relaxing vibe that seems to be one of the coolest places to hang out in Nashville.  And yes, I fell in love with all of it.



Since it was a busy Saturday night and we were only a party of 2, we were seating at these big lounge chairs with a side table (lamp included).  It felt like we were in more of a living room setting than at a restaurant, and I didn’t mind it!  We weren’t in the mood for a full dinner, so we just ordered some drinks and appetizers from the menu (which was perfect since we only had the side table to accompany us).  My favorite foods might be the foods that don’t require silverware and that you can eat with your hands anyway, so it was a good fit.20160818_222840.jpg


Beer for Ben and Ivory Tower cocktail for me.



Charred corn-chili aioli, fancy toast and jalapeno mac and cheese.

Our appetizer dinner was delicious.  We both loved the charred corn-chili aioli the most.  We agreed that it had to be something we should try to recreate at home, it was that good.  We tried to sign up to bowl in the famous Pine Social bowling alley, but since it was a busy Saturday, the wait was too long for us to justify it.

We decided to head back downtown and ended up checking out a few bars, one of which was recommended by my cousin called The Wheel.  We listened to live music from some locals and had a few drinks.  The bar scene was pretty packed, so we didn’t stay long, but it was just enough to get a feel for what the downtown Nashville scene was like on a Saturday night.


And that wraps up our first day in Nashville, Tennessee!  Hopefully you made it this far through all the photos.  I will be posting about the rest of our trip in Nashville soon.  Thanks for reading.


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