I thought it would be a good idea to share some of my current obsessions with whoever wants to read them.  Maybe then people will understand me more?  Or maybe I can just find a filter to talk about everything that is currently making me happy.
Anyway, here it goes…

Currently listening to: Lemonade by Beyonce

Let me pull a Kanye moment and state that Lemonade is the greatest Beyonce album OF ALL TIME (and yes, all caps necessary).  I have always been a fan of Queen Bey, but wow.  This album has blown me away.  If you haven’t seen the visual album that she debuted on HBO, please do yourself a massive favor and watch it, or at the very least, listen to it.  I love the whole album but my absolute favorite can’t get out of your head songs are “Hold Up,” “Don’t Hurt Yourself,” “Sorry,””Daddy Lessons,” “All Night” and “Formation.”  I will be listening to it religiously for the next month straight because I am going to be seeing her perform in Chicago on May 27th!  And to that I say, “YASSS QUEEN.”

Currently watching: Season 6 of Game of Thrones

I have been a Game of Thrones fan for a while now, but this 6th season in particular is keeping my interest.  I think this season is more exciting for me personally because it is finally caught up with the books.  This makes it more fun to watch with Ben who has read all of the books and before this season, knew what was going to happen.  Now we both are not sure how it is going to play out (although we have many fan theories) and it is one of my favorite things to look forward to on Sunday nights.  I also have a Monday ritual of talking to a few of my coworkers who are also fans of the show, about the most recent episode and how it ties in with our predictions and theories.  If you haven’t watched Game of Thrones yet, I would recommend it!  If it’s not your thing, find another TV show that you like and care about and can talk to others with either online or in person.  It’s a great experience to be able to communicate with others something that you are all obsessing over equally.

Currently reading: The Crossroads of Should and Must: Find and Follow Your Passion by Elle Luna12353276_1530484570604400_320312348_n

Is there a book that you have read and as soon as you have read it, you want to tell everyone about it?  And it’s a book that can be relatable to literally everyone?  This book is that book for me.  I finished it quickly and immediately told Ben to read it.  He read about half of it and told me that we needed to buy this book.  I am frequently check out books from the library as a test drive before buying them now, but this is a book that I want to buy for myself, as well as everyone I know.  It’s a beautifully written and illustrated book by Elle Luna about finding your passion, whatever that may be.  It is a work of inspiration that will give the reader the determination to know what they should do versus what they must do in terms of finding their calling and how to get started.  I recommend that everyone should read this book, especially if you are in a rut or needing something to inspire you in the next phase of your life (hello, recent graduates).

I hope this post can relate to others who may be currently obsessing over the same things (ahem, Game of Thrones fans, please talk to me).  I might do more of these in the future, but for now these are my current obsessions and I don’t see them going away any time soon!